Perfect Love

1 John 4:18 There is no fear in love dread does not exist. But perfect complete, full-grown love drives out fear, because fear involves the expectation of divine punishment, so the one who is afraid of God’s judgment is not perfected in love has not grown into a sufficient understanding of God’s love. Last night someone … Continue reading Perfect Love


The Object of His Love

In one of Bill Johnson's messages he talkes about sitting in the presence of Holy Spirit and spending the time as "the object of God's love". This must be what I hear referred to as "soaking" -- the "contemplating God" that John Boruff refers to in How to Experience God. This is so inviting. In … Continue reading The Object of His Love

2017 A Year of Immersion

I heard the Holy Spirit speak to my heart that I had become intimate with the lies of the devil that he wispered to me all day, every day that because of my past history with important people in my life breaking promises - I must be unworthy. At the root of my struggle has been this nagging legacy of broken promises.